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Deposit Arrangement for Buffet and Mandarin Suite.  

We want to make the reservation as swift as possible, and there are no deposits required for bookings of under 20 people from Sunday to Friday. However, on Saturdays, for groups of over 10 people, there will be a deposit of £10 per person.

Click here for Karaoke Deposit arrangement.




How do I make a Karaoke Room booking?

You can book a Private Karaoke Room, by clicking here. OR call our restaurant direct. Alternatively you can email us, OR WhatsApp us on +447494 084903.


Do you charge for the use of a Private Karaoke Room?

No, we dont charge for the use of  Private Karaoke Room as long as you meet the minimum spend requirement.

Please note, if you are dining seperately on the restaurant floor and have the Private Karaoke Room after, your restaurant bill will NOT count towards to the minimum spend of the private karaoke room. You will still require to meet the minimum spend requirement. You can refer to our minimum spend requirement table for more information.


How long can I have the room for?

 We have fixed Timeslot Duration:


Karaoke Room K1: Steampunk, K2: Bollywood, K3: English Garden, K4: Apres, K5: Crazy Rich Asians, K6: GB Room, K7: Guns N Roses, K8: Buddha Bar, K9: Gangnam, K10: Mongolian Room  (click here to check out these Karaoke  Rooms)
• Slot 1 17:00 - 19:30 (Friday & Saturday) 
• Slot 2 19:45 - 22:45 (Friday & Saturday)
• Slot 3 23:00 – 02:00 (Friday & Saturday)

Karaoke Room C1: Peaky Blinders, C2: Wonderland  (click here to check out these Karaoke Rooms)

• Lunch
- Mon to Fri 13:00 - 16:45, maximum 2 hours during this period 
- Sat & Sun and Bank Holiday 12:00 - 14:15
- Sat & Sun and Bank Holiday 14:30 - 16:45


• Evening 
- Sun to Thur and Bank Holiday 17:00 - 19:15
- Sun to Thur and Bank Holiday 19:30 - 21:45 
- Fri & Sat 17:00 - 19:30
- Fri & Sat 19:45 - 10:45

Contact us directly to book a weekday timeslot. We can also accommodate larger bookings with multiple rooms or timeslots. Feel free to reach out and let us know how we can assist you!


Is there any service charge?

There is a discretionary 15% service charge added to your final bill.


Can I book multiple time slots?

Yes, you can book multiple time slots. The first timeslot will be based on meeting the minimum spend, and the second/extended timeslot will be based on the room's hourly rate. Please refer to our Minimum Spend Requirement Table.


What if there are less people than I originally booked?

The room you have originally booked for is still available for you. You will still need to meet the Minimum Spend Requirement of the room.


Can I use the room longer than assigned?

If the room is available after your booking, you may extend the room. The extended timeslot will be based on the room's hourly rate, please refer to our Minimum Spend Requirement Table.


What happens if we are running late?

Please give us a call to let us know you are running late. The room will still be reserved for you. However, we will require the room back once your assigned time ends.


Do you have a private karaoke room big enough for 80 of us with buffet too?

No, we don’t have any one room big enough for 80 people. However, we will suggest either booking two-karaoke rooms or booking our Private Mandarin Suite to have the buffet first, and then descend to the karaoke rooms afterwards.


Using the Karaoke Room


Can I decorate the room?

You can decorate the room, however nothing can be stuck to the wall or ceiling, and confetti is not allowed. The earliest you can decorate the room will be 10 minutes before your time slot unless there is no one else using the room before your time slot.

Any damage caused to the room/ equipment etc, you will be charged for the cost of replacement or repair.

Using the Karaoke Room


Can I see the song list?

Unfortunately, we do not have a song list that we can provide. However, if you wish to see a song list and are happy to come to the restaurant – a member of staff will happily show you around the karaoke room and you can see the songs that are available in person.

Using the Karaoke Room


Can I plug in my own devices into the TV or the Karaoke System?

Yes, you are able to bring your own devices to be plugged ONLY into the TV unit. We do not provide any HDMI or cable for this purpose.

Using the Karaoke Room


Can I go into other karaoke rooms too?

No, you cannot go to other karaoke rooms other than the one that you have been assigned to.

Using the Karaoke Room


Can I dance in the room?

Yes you can dance in your room, but please refrain from standing/ dancing on the seats and table.



Where is the Buffet and how do I get to the buffet food?

The buffet is on the upper floor, and the karaoke rooms are on the lower ground floor, you will have to walk up two flights of stairs to get the food and bring it to your room to enjoy.


What happens if not all of us wants to have the buffet?

If you have chosen to have the buffet inside the karaoke room, each one of your guest will be charged for the buffet.

If only some of your guests want to have the buffet and some do not, we would suggest the buffet diners to get a table on the main buffet floor and settle the bill at their table first before going into your karaoke room.


I am in a wheelchair, how can I get the food from the buffet?

We have 10 Private karaoke Rooms in total, 10 are on the lower ground floor, the Peaky Blinders Room and Board Room is on the same level of the main buffet. You may also wish to ask a friend to get the buffet food for you.


I don’t want to have the buffet; can I order something else from a menu instead?

Yes, we can organise this for you, but it must be prearranged in advance.


I am a vegetarian; do you have vegetarian food on the buffet?

Yes, we have a good selection of vegetarian food on our buffet. We also offer a Plant Based A La Carte Set Menu, which is available with pre order only.


Do you cater for Gluten Free?

Yes, we offer a Gluten Free Menu, which is available pre order only.


Can I take the buffet food that I did not finish home?

No, unfinished buffet food cannot be taken home. However, you may wish to purchase a Buffet Take Away box from us to take food away.


I have booked a double slot for the KTV room including buffet. Does this mean I can have buffet in both slots?

You can only have buffet at one of your slots and you must inform a member of staff which slot you decide to dine our buffet.



How do I order drinks?

You can order drinks directly in your room with a waiter or you can order drinks at the bar in person.


Can I pre-order drinks? And can I see a drinks menu?

You can pre order drinks by emailing us your requirement, pre order drinks required to be pre-paid.

Yes, you can see our Drinks Menu on our website.


Can I bring my own food and drinks?

We prohibit our guests to bring their own food and drinks onto our premises. Only food and drinks purchased from Ming Moon can be consumed on the premises. The only exemption is you are able to bring your own birthday/celebration cake.



What can the minimum spend be spent on?

The minimum spend can be spent on the either drinks/ buffet/ snacks/ other consumables/ service charge


What happens if I did not meet the minimum spend?

You will receive a bill for your spend with an Additional Room Hire Charge to make it up to Minimum Spend Requirement, please refer to our Minimum Spend Requirement Table.



What happens with the reservation deposit?

The deposit will be deducted from your final bill.


How can I pay the reservation deposit?

You will receive a deposit payment link via email.


How much is the reservation deposit?

The reservation deposit is £10 per person per slot.


Does the reservation deposit go towards the Minimum Spend Requirement?

Yes it does.


Is the reservation deposit refundable?

If you cancel or change the date 14 days or more before the event, you'll receive a 100% refund of your reservation deposit. Please note that a 6% handling fee will be deducted from the refund amount.



What is the height limit for children?

Children under 140cm in height will be charged the kids price. There is a height guide in the restaurant to confirm that the guest is entitled to the discount rate. The Manager’s decision will be final. Please do include any children in your total covers when you book, and let us know if your booking requires high chairs or buggy space (so we can try to arrange a suitable table).


Is there a minimum charge for infants?

We define infants as those children under the age of 3 years. Babies and infants that are not eating within our restaurant will not be charged. 

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